Todo grande projeto
pede Tramar
Condutores especiais desenvolvidos com a mais alta
tecnologia, com reconhecidas certificações
nacionais e internacionais.
Conhecer soluções
personalizadas para
diversos segmentos
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Presente até no
fundo dos oceanos
Fornecedora oficial de cabos
elétricos para submarinos SB-R
Stranded cables
Insulating rods and tube
Flexible resistors / Electrical harnesses
Building excellence in specialty conductors since 1944.
Tramar produces special cables, insulating rods,
stranded tapes and screens, copper cables and flexible
resistors. It is present in several branches of activity,
such as: electric motors, hermetic compressors,
automotive, lighting, steel, refrigeration and petrochemical. Learn more about
Technical Differential
Our technical differential in the development of special conductors,
allied to our quality engineering in the production of cables, make
Tramar a safe choice for the manufacture and supply of your project,
being chosen by the most demanding companies in the market.
Quality engineering.
International recognition and certifications.
Customized according to your needs.
Various temperatures and voltages.
Electric motors
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High and Low Temperature
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Iron and Steel Industry
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Industrial Equipment / Installations
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Mobile Use
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Home Appliances
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Special Projects
Tramar develops special projects,
meeting the needs of its customers.
Contact us to develop your product.
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